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Characteristics of AES-128-CFB 

AES-128-CFB (Cipher Feedback Mode) is a block cipher mode of operation that uses AES with a 128-bit key. It is similar to the Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) mode, but it operates on a smaller block size and does not use an initialization vector (IV).

Usage of AES-128-CFB

AES-128-CFB is designed to provide confidentiality for data transmission. It can be used to encrypt and decrypt data as it is transmitted between two parties.

One advantage of CFB mode is that it allows for the encryption and decryption of data in a "streaming" fashion, meaning that the data can be processed and encrypted/decrypted in small chunks rather than all at once. This can be useful in situations where the data being transmitted is too large to be processed in its entirety.

Overall, AES-128-CFB is a suitable cipher for applications that require the confidentiality of data transmission and have a need for a streamable encryption/decryption process.